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Nomadness yurts was set up by myself, Jonathan Ridgeon, in 2006. I had done much research into portable dwelling structures while studying at University. The conclusion that I came to was that yurts are the ultimate in both function and design. With this in mind I started to make my first yurts out of materials I could find , tools I could borrow and with helpers I could coerse.

With the success of my initial builds under my belt, I decided it was time to upgrade a few of the processes, components and materials. This decision was made easy by the short-comings of some of the materials used oringinally. The canvas roofs had a tendancy to get covered in pollen , sap, leaves and bird poop. They were almost impossible to clean (although we now know the secret), and with this organic matter covering them they started to go mouldy. Then they started to rot…. But the yurts looked beautiful in the canvas and we wanted to maintain the look without compromising performance. So the decision was made to invest in some thermal welding gear so we could make roof covers that were totally waterproof, could be cleaned with a hose and didn’t cost a fortune. This gave the yurts the performance but not the look. This was and still is achieved by using the traditional crown star in canvas, any colour you like. The walls are able to be made from canvas with a PVC skirt to stop the mud and damp coming in. This allows the structure to breathe and make the whole package look stunning. When you consider the amount of time and thought that goes into the yurts you could be forgiven for thinking that they will cost a small fortune. However because of the streamlined processes, ingenious methods and great tools we use we are able to offer the yurts for cheaper than most of the competition. Wow!


I could rant on about how good our yurts are for days but the fact remains we are the only company in the UK to be offering hand made, durable modern yurts that will function how you want them to. It can be used day in day out for years and stand up to the job of providing temporary, semi-permanent or permanent space for whatever need you have. Be that “glamping” , camping or plain old nomadic life , from permaculture , green houses to wild festival fun, including yoga , drinking soda or quaffing of ale a Nomadness yurt is both functional, fun and captivating.




The traditional look, perfect for your wedding yurt.

We offer yurts for hire for any event. From festivals, weddings, garden parties, yoga shows or guest rooms there is a yurt set-up that can be tailored to your exact requirements. We opperate all year round and supply heating via the woodburning stove or electrical heater. The yurts are cosy , warm and waterproof.

All events can be catered for, please give us a call on 07748373996 to discuss . We opperate from Guildford and delivery up to 50 miles is included in the price.

Basic yurt hire starting from £300

The traditional look inside



Although we do keep a few yurts in stock, most of our yurts are made to order. This means that every aspect can be customised to suit your particular requirements. You can chose the cover colour, the design of door, the crown design and star cover colour. If you want to.

We currently have some ex-hire yurts for sale, these offer great value for money as our yurts were built to last and show very little sign of wear. There are a limited number available so call now on 07748373996 to check availability.

The options exist for a wooden deck (recommended for long term use) , insulation , woodburning stove, solar lighting , compsost toilets, hotwater systems, opening dome, windows and anything else you would like to put forward.

Please call us now for a chat about your particular intended usage and we can tailor a yurt to suit your every need.

Get straight to me on; 07748373996


Home of the Modern Yurt. We make and hire beautiful modern yurts.